iOS 7 – Radically different but familiar…

Whoa! What a keynote it was. It has been quite some time since we saw iOS grow immensely from its previous version – about 9 months ago. Really, has it been only 9 months? Here I was wondering what it was Apple could ever do to improve on the already fantastic iOS. For all intents and purposes, iOS seemed to have hit a plateau. That was until today when iOS 7 was finally revealed to the developers at WWDC and all of us who bothered to watch the keynote speech. Wait till you find out all its news, can you?

Well we can’t. Here are the highlights on iOS 7.

Android SDK : installation on Ubuntu via PPA

Android SDK is a development kit targeted at developing apps for mobile devices running Android. With the Android SDK, one can develop, debug, and test apps via an in-built emulator. The emulator can emulate the expected behaviour of the Android OS on many platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Google hacks – spend least possible time on Google…

I know! I know! Reading blogs totally suck, but I guess I could make it work. In this edition, we’re talking about Google.

Well, I shouldn’t have generalised it. Reading my blog sucks. Of course, what was I thinking? How could knowing something extra about computers ever help anybody?