Instagram – You can hold it now…

Computers – with help from software, they can be whatever you want them to be. It could let you use it as a calculator, a canvas, a document space, a library, a personal assistant; you name it and chances are it exists in the form of a software. They’ve advanced so much you could have an entire computer system on one. But is that all? Is the transition between hardware and software unidirectional? Well, there’s apparently one that has taken the reverse path. Does anyone know what holding an Instagram feels like?

SocialMatic's handheld Instagram
This is one of the possible ways the far-side of the Instagram icon looks…

Android 4.2 – get it for your Intel systems…

Android is a very popular Linux based operating system used very widely on touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Being predominantly mobile in usage, you’d expect to see it with low power processors mainly those with the ARM architecture. However, the community of Android doesn’t want to leave those, with Intel systems, left behind.

Android SDK : installation on Ubuntu via PPA

Android SDK is a development kit targeted at developing apps for mobile devices running Android. With the Android SDK, one can develop, debug, and test apps via an in-built emulator. The emulator can emulate the expected behaviour of the Android OS on many platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac.