About Us

For a long time we’ve been waiting for an opportunity to shine. To be known. To find a way we could gather some attention. We’d work relentlessly to come up with new ideas. Even more tiresome is convincing people that our ideas would work. Of course, the world wants no less than a sure thing.

Our teachers have called us names – “lazy” is the most common, which is quite ironic. We’re technically never rested, but mind-work is invisible to the non-observant. We’ve got our creativities crushed on our path to meaningless certificates. We’ve lived right in the midst of philosophical zombies. The stupidity is mind numbing.

The internet is our friend. We’ve spent almost all of our time info-binging and it never ends. We make every effort to keep up with the current trends, so much that we miss lunch and dinner by hours, not minutes. Information is our food. It’s our blood. It’s our life. We are information vampires, so to speak.

We have ideas to share, things to make, concepts to publicise. We just want to spread around.