Android SDK : installation on Ubuntu via PPA

Android SDK is a development kit targeted at developing apps for mobile devices running Android. With the Android SDK, one can develop, debug, and test apps via an in-built emulator. The emulator can emulate the expected behaviour of the Android OS on many platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Windows Vista nostalgia – Vistalgia…

I miss Windows Vista. After years of using Windows XP, Vista was a refreshing change. Of course, we have Windows 7 now with Windows 8 right around the corner. Windows 8 will be making quite a Windows 95 move all over again. It’ll change the way the concept of Windows is perceived. I personally like Windows 8 already, but I’m quite worried about the popular response.

Windows 7 – the feature that caught my eye…

Windows 7, the most awesome OS till date, was released unto manufacturing on October 22nd, 2009. About 17 percent of the people in the world were already using it within a month of its release. ‘Windows 7 definitely is a great improvement over Windows Vista’, but in saying this I’m actually paraphrasing the millions who love this OS. So, does that mean I don’t like Windows 7?