MobileMe, called .Mac and iTools, was once a brilliant collection of subscription based online services offered exclusively to users of Apple’s Mac and recently iOS devices. With the advent of the, now, much popular iCloud, the paid service was adapted, expanded and made freely available to all Apple device users.




So, what happened to MobileMe?

On July 31, 2012 the service was discontinued and the site redirected users to the new and improved iCloud with one slight problem. Despite the fact that 5GB was provided for free on iCloud to everyone now, the basic subscription to MobileMe gave users 20GB online storage. Of course, this was migrated to iCloud as a complimentary storage for being a loyal member.

MobileMe users could use their complimentary storage up to July 31, 2013 after which they were all reverted to the standard 5GB storage. Sure, iCloud does offer subscriptions for expanding your storage just like its predecessor; but it will never be the same – complimentary and all…

Good news!

So, Microsoft has come to the rescue, sort of. They’re willing to offer an extra 15GB online storage, for free, to all those who have just had their extra space on MobileMe cancelled. This extra storage will last for one year.

Move from MobileMe to SkyDrive

Move from MobileMe

To make it happen, Microsoft has asked MobileMe users to forward the mail, sent to you, notifying your downgrade, to the following email address.

We realise that it is not the exact same thing. You won’t be able to migrate the files from MobileMe, now that it is completely gone. But it will ease you up a bit with the sudden disappearance of your cloud space, even though you knew it was coming.

Just get it…

Aren’t they nice? Of course, it can be spun in a different way – Microsoft wants more users. So what? In the future, when machines take over, its your total cloud storage capacity that will decide your worth. Take every opportunity you’ve got.

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