Trying Autodesk Motion FX…

Today was a day like any other – I’m pretty much free to do as I please. Unfortunately, that is the very cause of my boredom. So, I decided to start something new. I’ve listed “software advisory” on my Facebook page, but it wouldn’t be right until I actually started some advising.

Here it is. My very first live trial of any software ever. The Autodesk Motion FX packs in a large number of effects for your videos. It is like Instagram but not with the same old stagnant filters. As the name suggests it picks up motion captured via your webcam, and accordingly provides real time effects to your feed. There are a variety of options to choose from – plain old motion detection, face detection(the one where it burns your eyes), colour detection(the burn in hell experience) and so on. It also lets you hide the main video and capture just your silhouette, or the moving version of a silhouette – whatever it is called.

I’ve checked it all out and unfortunately, there is no Windows version of it, yet. So, that is a point for Macs. You can get it in the Mac AppStore right here.

The software is pretty awesome, but just as awesome, is my video trial of this awesome app.


[vimeo w=600]


I hope you all like the video, I know I did. A lot of you want me to burn in hell, and this is your only chance to get a glimpse of it – a trailer, if you will. I had fun doing it. Actually, I have a lot to follow up about that, but we’ll do it some other time.

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Also, do check my brother’s blog out from time to time. He is doing some incredible stuff recently…