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I have been having a great time concentrating more on my work with electronics. Seems like the days are getting better. Just recently, I was successfully able to make use of the MIDI protocol for creation of music and potentially a synthesiser.

It’s just been two days since I wrote codes and had fun with the result, and I somehow got bored playing the same instrument. I mean tubular bells is just the best, but not all of you might like it. So, I’ve decided to develop my MIDI music maker a little further; one that would let you decide what instrument you’d like to listen to. Most controls are the same; I’ve added functionality for instrument change and pitch amplitude manipulation.

I might not stop here and I’m hoping this project ends up as a consumer product. As of now I’m short on resources as quite clearly evidenced by the quality of the video – I apologise in advance. As soon as I can make it better, I will.

Here I’ve added the ability to change musical instruments and the sound intensity of each event. That way more could be done with just a few more extra components.

As of now, I can’t really disclose any coding details, not because I don’t want to; there is no expectation of production quality from the devices I own. The codes are quite messy and I admit I stumbled upon a working code by accident. Some time will be spent in cleaning up and expanding the code. In the mean time do search for whatever you can about the MIDI protocol; you won’t regret it. Also, do check the Sparkfun site; they’re the ones producing specialty shields for Arduino.

MIDI Video

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